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Graduate profile 

The student graduated from the Kahlo Pedagogical Institute of Mexico, must be characterized by the following traits (knowledge, skills, values and attitudes):

A) Communicates orally and in writing in Spanish and in English as a second language.

B) Use thinking skills: analysis, comparison, reflection, problem solving, etc.

C) Select, classify and use sources of information in different media.

D) Develops skills for collaborative work.

E) Strengthens research and argumentation skills.

F) Develops social and leadership skills: assertiveness, teamwork, motivation, dialogue, negotiation, conflict resolution, etc.

G) Develop creativity in all their jobs.

H) Master the computer tools,

I) Develop a social commitment and spirit of service with a high value of altruism.

J) Strengthens social coexistence at school and in the community.

K) Develops their artistic language through dance, music, theater, etc.

L) It assumes a social conscience of respect for the environment and favors positive habits for health.

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