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General objective:

Create skills that allow children to develop in an environment where computer technology is an important part of everyday life.

Contents by age:

In the era of communication and new technologies  We cannot stop taking into account the little ones, who begin to explore new worlds and ways of bonding.

The introduction of information technology in kindergarten classrooms has important benefits for children aged 3, 4 and 5, among which we can mention the incredible improvement in learning development. These are spaces for exploration, discovery and construction of knowledge with the support of the PC, where through playful activities, communication, creative, socio-affective, motor, symbolic and pre-conceptual thinking skills are stimulated and strengthened.

This discipline works   as a great tool that considerably increases motivation, autonomy, daring and curiosity in children when they begin to explore this wonderful world of possibilities. It also allows an extraordinary use of time in regard to the learning process. On the other hand, it improves the abilities of deduction, concentration, memory and agility.

The initial computing workshops aim to introduce children to the fascinating world of computing, in a fun and practical way, through the use of interactive and educational games designed to reinforce the knowledge provided by the teachers, also providing them with the basic concepts and applications of the world. of computing.  


Concepts to develop:

  • Atmosphere and motivation: Know the work tools: mouse handling and screen display.

  • Laterality, directionality and sense: Game up, down, right, left.

  • Identification of figures, characters: Identification games of objects and people.

  • Accuracy, creativity.

  • Ordering, classification, seriation. 

  • Identification of objects by size, color, shape, geometric figures.

  • Visual memory, association, complementation, correspondence.


Educational Robotics is an interdisciplinary teaching system that enhances the development of skills and competencies in students.  


This teaching system is interdisciplinary because it covers areas of different subjects of the regulated school program. Thus, in the well-structured Educational Robotics courses, areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are worked, which in English is known as STEM, as well as areas of Linguistics and also Creativity.

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