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General objective:

Create skills that allow children to develop in an environment

where computer technology is an important part of everyday life.



Informatics in the institution should be treated as what it is, a resource, a tool, specifically at the primary level, where the student has not yet mastered reading and writing, and the image, sound and interactivity that multimedia materials offer us, they can be a great support to your development. The objective is not for them to learn to be PC operators but to use computing as a resource to enrich learning. Having a computer does not make us good educators or gifted students; meaningfully use the computer to promote learning, if: The objective of this project is to contribute and favor the learning processes that take place in school and acquire skills that are worked in the classroom. It is important to emphasize that the activities and tasks proposed not only aim at making the child familiar with and getting to know this modern technology, which is the computer, but also aim to stimulate the visual, motor and psychomotor capacity of children in order to learn to handle technological tools.



Encourage and support the use of tic as well as traditional methodologies in order for children to learn in a didactic and fun way, but without abandoning the teacher-student follow-up that will always be clear to achieve the objectives  


Low primary specific objectives  

  • Recognize parts of the PC

  • Turn on the PC

  • Know the precautions and cautions that must be taken into account when handling the computer

  • Use the keyboard for simple tasks 

  • Being able to enter and exit a program 

  • Be able to navigate within a program 

  • Acquisition of notions (time, space, logic, mathematics, language)

  • Achieve mouse mastery by using the mouse to select options

  • Write, with the word processor Word.

  • Draw and paint with the Paint program to the extent of the students' possibilities  

Specific objectives high primary

  • Work entirely with the Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, Vision and Publisher)

  • Work on the internet dominating social networks, portals, browsers and the creation of web pages

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